About Us

ELM Europe is the official Sales, Service , parts, and supplies distributor and seller if ELM Products in Europe, and Africa.

Who are we 

ELM Europe, is headed by Tai Kurita, who has may years of international Sales experience , in both Japan, USA , and Europe. Our Sales Team exists out of Steven Paardekooper, who is the regional sales manager for Europe, and the Middle East.

Our Accounting department is lead by Shiori Yoshida, and she makes sure that all your purchases are accurate and trouble free.

Our Technical department is led by the capable Japanese Technician Koichi Yoshida. He knows all about our machines , and can help you with all your questions regarding technical support. 


At Elm , we sell the most technical advanced Disc repair machines , in different shapes and sizes. The smallest machine, the Eco pro, is very silent and is wonderful for libraries or small Game shops.

Our biggest Machine is the Eco Master, which can do 50 discs at a time, and is perfect for the big Game shops with multiple Game store locations.

You will find more information in the product section 



Elm Europe is located at Spinnerij 59 in Amstelveen , in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area. from here we send out all your purchases and repaired machines. Because it is close to Amsterdam, it is easy to reach by car or public transportation.


ELM Japan

Elm Japan is an Engineering an manufacturing company founded in 1980 by current president Takakazu " Tom" Miyahara. The Elm Headquaters us located in the Southern province of Kogoshima. They have been producing premium quality disc repair machines since 2000

Elm's Eco Brand Disc repair systems have consistently been ranked as the #1 Disc Repair system in the world . ELM's focus is designing Green Energy and Eco Friendly products